Product Image Model - Category Spec Price
P9610A Power Supplies DC 36 $735.00

P9611A Power Supplies DC 60 $630.00

J2150A EMC EMI Harmonic Comb Generator 1kHz/100kHz/8MHz Impulse,10kHz Square $895.00

J2100A 1Hz - supports PFC regulators 5MHz - high enough for most power supplies and regulators $525.00

J2101A Injection Transformer 10Hz - 45MHz $525.00

J2111A Output Current Variation (Controllable) 50 mA $1,500.00

P2100A 1 Port PDN Transmission Line Probe, Accessory Kit, One DC Blocker $1,495.00

P2101A 2 Port PDN Transmission LIne Probe, Accessory Kit, One DC Blocker $2,495.00

P21B01 PDN Probe Bundle (1 Port and 2 Port Probes), Accessory Kit, Two P2101A DC Blocker $3,495.00