2414B - Pragmatic Instruments Arbitrary Waveform Generators

2414B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate


Record Length
4096 points

Output Voltage Range
4096 points

Extra Specifications
20MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Product Description

General purpose AWG for frequencies less than 10 MHz. TEGAM ‹most popular arbitrary waveform generator models, the 2414A/2414B are high sample rate AWGs designed for applications where outstanding waveform memory is required. With up to 1,000 stored waveforms and 12-bit resolution, these models feature 160k points of active waveform memory.

Waveform editing can be performed through the front panel of the 2414A/2414B or with optional WaveWorks Pro+ software. RS-232C interface comes standard with each unit. GPIB interface is available, along with a wide variety of other options and accessories.

  • Up to 160k waveform memory
  • 12-bit vertical resolution‹
  • 0.1 to 20 MS/s sampling rate‹
  • 20 standard waveforms‹
  • Summing input‹
  • Programmable sync‹
  • Stores up to 1,000 custom waveforms‹
  • 0.06% waveform distortion‹
  • Standard RS-232C interface‹
  • 1 year warranty