OL 730D - OPTRONIC LABORATORIES Lock-in Amplifiers

OL 730D Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Dynamic Reserve
>100 dB

Min. Time Constant

Max. Time Constant

Extra Specifications
Programmable DSP Radiometer

Product Description

The OL 730D is a completely microprocessor controlled, multi-functional radiometer/photometer, which can be programmed to read directly in any user specified radiometric or photometric optical quantity. The OL 730D is virtually ideal for all types of measurement, and features high sensitivity, autoranging, auto-zeroing, highly accurate readout and range-to-range linearity, 4½ digit (6½ digit via computer) plus exponent display, user variable response time, an extremely large dynamic range, and RS-232-Interface (IEEE-488 optional) for computer control.

  • Characterize light sources and materials over all or part of the entire
    UV/VIS/IR region (200 nm to 30 μm)
  • Measure true RMS intensities of AC, pulsed or modulated sources
  • Measure total, peak, average, apparent intensities and time profiles of pulsed
    and navigation lights
  • Eliminate noise from sources and detectors
  • Attain the ultimate in sensitivity, down to and including counting individual
  • Ultra high-speed data acquisition
  • Computer control for integration into existing measurement procedures or
    custom data analysis