E8363B - Keysight / Agilent Network Analyzers

E8363B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end freq limit

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications
PNA Microwave Network Analyzer, 10 MHz to 40 GHz

Product Description


Keysight / Agilent Network Analyzer

Agilent E8363B 40 GHz PNA Performance Network Analyzer packs speed and precision for high frequency, high-performance component testing.  Easy to use interface.  State of the art automated calibration when used via USB to ECal modules.  

  • 110 dB of dynamic range <0.006 dB trace noise
  • <26 µsec/point measurement speed, 32 channels, 16,001 points
  • TRL/LRM calibration, on-wafer, in-fixture, waveguide, and antenna
  • Mixer conversion loss, return loss, isolation, and absolute group delay
  • Amplifier gain compression, harmonic, IMD, and pulsed-RF

Options List:
014 Configurable Test Set Deck
082 Scalar calibrated converter measurements
084 Embedded LO measurements
1A7 1SO 17025 compliant calibration
550 Add 4-port measurement application
551 Adds N-port calibrated measurements
700 Standard test set
830 Combo items-ext pwr, config test set, rcvr atten, FOM, ext ref switch, IF access
831 Combo items-ext pwr, config test set, FOM, ext ref switch, IF access
A6J ANZI Z540 compliant calibration
H08 Pulsed-RF measurement capability
H11 IF access