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AVRQ-1-B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. V(out)


Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.

Extra Specifications
High Voltage Pulser

Product Description

The AVRQ family provides a high voltage pulse with a linear leading edge, followed by a slower exponential decay back to zero. The transition time (10%-90%) of the leading edge is variable from 50 ns to 500 ns. The adjustable linear edge makes the AVRQ ideal for testing the common mode transient immunity of optocouplers and other devices. The AVRQ series is also suitable for a range of other applications requiring a high-voltage “sweep” waveform.
The AVRQ-1-B generates a -1000 V pulse into capacitive loads of up to 40 pF. The 10%-90% rise time of the leading edge is variable from < 50 ns to > 500 ns.
Approximately 1 microsecond after the start of the leading transition, the voltage starts to decay back to zero. The fall time of this decay is at least ten times
greater than the rise time of the leading edge. The pulse repetition frequency is adjustable from 1 Hz to 10 Hz, using the front panel controls or by computer command.
This instrument may also be triggered by an external TTL trigger pulse (10 Hz maximum), by a computer command, or by a front-panel pushbutton.
Adjustable 50 ns to 500 ns transition time

  • Includes IEEE-488.2 GPIB, RS-232
  • Ideal for slew rate testing of optocouplers & optoisolators 
  • Ideal for high-voltage sweep applications