4072B - Keysight / Agilent Parametric Testers

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Agilent 4072B

Ultra Advanced Parametric Tester. Enables semiconductor manufacturers to dramatically reduce test time for capacitance measurements and DC measurements in high-volume semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes. It offers up to 40 percent higher throughput than the 4073A or 4072A. The 4072B is a flexible test solution. It performs precise DC measurements, capacitance measurements, flash memory cell testing, and testing of other high-frequency applications.
  • Supports up to 2xHPSMU and up to 8 total SMUs
  • Low-leakage switching matrix, customizable from 12 to 48 fully-guarded Kelvin outputs
  • High-frequency switching matrix with integrated pulse generator control
  • 8 auxiliary inputs and 48 extended path inputs for support of external instruments
  • 2 microvolt and 10 femtoamp measurement resolution (MPSMU and HPSMU)
  • +/- 200 Volts and +/- 1 Amp output capability (HPSMU)
  • 1 kHz to 2 MHz capacitance frequency measurement range (HSCMU)
  • +/- 1.6 Amp ground unit (GNDU) HV-SPGU option measurement capabilities
  • +/-40 V output (80 V peak-to-peak) at high impedance
  • Pulse rise and fall times as fast as 20 ns
  • Three-level output pulse capability
  • Arbitrary Linear Waveform Generation (ALWG) function

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