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AD-100 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

30 MHz - 1 GHz, Tuned Dipole Antennas

Extra Specifications
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Product Description

Com-Power AD-100

BRL Test is your authorized Com-Power distributer.

The Com-Power AD-100 Tuned Dipole Antenna model AD-100 is a standard antenna set which operates in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1000 MHz. This set consists of four baluns and was designed according to American National Standard C63.4. This is a reference antenna set that can be used for EMC test site calibration and for calibrating other antennas in same frequency range.
Frequency Range:
-Balun 1 (dB1): 30 MHz - 65 MHz
-Balun 2 (dB2): 65 MHz - 175 MHz
-Balun 3 (dB3): 175 MHz - 400 MHz
-Balun 4 (dB4): 400 MHz - 1000 MHz
Impedance:50 Ohm Connector Type:BNC(F) Element length assembled:min: 6 inches, 15 cm Max:212 inches, 538 cm Weight:8 lbs, 3.6 kg
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