LW420B - LeCroy Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate


Record Length
1 Mword memory

Output Voltage Range
1 Mword memory

Extra Specifications
Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Product Description

LeCroy s LW400B Series WaveStation is a dual-channel, 400 MS/s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) that combines high-performance with the flexibility and capability needed to quickly generate long, complex waveforms. The LW410B offers the same performance characteristics in a single channel unit. The WaveStation offers more than just great technical specifications. It provides a high level of functionality and ease of use while eliminating many of the traditional obstacles of AWGs.
LeCroy s WaveStation combines innovative signal processing, high-performance design, and human factors engineering to provide a truly intuitive and highly interactive arbitrary waveform generator.

  • 100 ps feature placement and single-point resolution
  • One- and two-channel versions
  • Phase-synchronized signals on two channels
  • 6 kHz to 400 MHz sample clock with 1 Hz resolution
  • Live editing while viewing output waveform
  • 8-bit vertical resolution
  • Up to 1 Mbyte waveforms
  • FastSwitch group sequence mode
  • Internal hard drive
  • Digital option for 8-bit TTL and ECL outputs
  • Editing mode for digital data patterns
  • CE, UL and cUL certified