3362 - Tabor Electronics Arbitrary Waveform Generators

3362 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate


Record Length
16 Meg points (with option, per channel)

Output Voltage Range
16 Meg points (with option, per channel)

Extra Specifications
Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Product Description

The 3362 is a dual-channel, high performance waveform generator that can be used as either a complex arbitrary waveform generator or a high-speed function generator, with up to 12 bits of vertical resolution.

  • Dual-channel 300 MS/s waveform generators
  • Synthesized function generator to 150 MHz
  • 12 Bit vertical resolution
  • 4 Meg word waveform memory, 16 Meg word memory (optional, per channel)▄
  • 10 Built-in popular standard waveforms
  • Waveform linking, looping, and sequencing with up to 4096▄segments and up to 16 sequence tables for generating a▄sequence of sequences
  • Precisely controlled inter-channel phase relationships
  • Triggered, gated, and burst modes
  • Amplitude modulation
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces
  • ArbConnection software for easy waveform creation & control