8024 - Tabor Electronics Arbitrary Waveform Generators

8024 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate


Record Length
64K points

Output Voltage Range
64K points

Extra Specifications
Arbitrary / Function Generator

Product Description

Model 8024 is the sequel to a long line of function generators, pulse generators, and arbitrary waveform generators that were brought to market by Tabor Electronics. This digital instrument is superior and far more versatile than their analog equivalent. As a waveform source, this model can replace analog generators in every application, no matter how complex.

  • Three instruments in one box: Function generator, Arbitrary generator, and Sequence generator
  • Nine Built-in popular standard waveforms
  • Sample clock programmed to 100 MS/s
  • 12 Bit vertical resolution
  • 64K memory length can be divided and loaded with 99 differentÜÜarbitrary waveforms
  • Nine different sequences can link segments in user definedÜorder and loop each segment to 32768
  • Counted burst to 32768 output cycles, Gated mode, andÜTriggered mode
  • Arbitrary waveforms may be loaded from the front panel or from computers through a GPIB interface
  • Extremely simple and intuitive front panel operation, usingÜcursor buttons and a rotary dial. Single function keys andÜilluminated status indicators
  • Standard GPIB interface, complies with IEEE-488.2 standardÜand SCPI syntax and rules
  • Free ArbConnection for easy waveform creation & control