70843A - Keysight / Agilent Bit Error Rate Testers

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate

Pattern Depth

Extra Specifications
Bit Error Ratio Measurement and Analysis System

Product Description

The 70843A is an integral component of the 71612A system.

  • 1Gb/s to 12Gb/s bit rate,
  • 27-1 to 231-1 patterns,
  • Less than 30ps transition time,
  • Less than 15pspp jitter;
  • Data and data outputs: 0.5V to 2Vpp amplitude,
  • High level +1.5V to -3.0V;
  • Option UHF: Error performance analyzer system with clock source;
  • Option UHG: Pattern generator and clock source (no error detector provided);
  • Option UHH: Error detector (no pattern generator or clock source).