MP1630B - Anritsu Bit Error Rate Testers

MP1630B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate

Pattern Depth
PRGM pattern: 2 to 65, 536 bits/channel bit length, logic selectable

Extra Specifications

Product Description

The Anritsu MP1630B is a general-purpose bit error measuring instrument that can provide simultaneous measurements of multi-channel signals and burst signal measurements up to 200 MHz. The MP1630B is not only for continuous signals---it can measure burst-signal bit error rates as well. Consequently, it is easily able to handle burst signals used by TDMA (Time Domain Multiplex Access) methods and packet/cell transmissions, etc. Both a pulse pattern generator unit and an error detector unit can be installed in the MP1630B to measure simultaneously parallel data for 16 channels using just one unit.

  • Pulse Pattern Generator, Error Detector and Clock Source --- All in one platform
  • Generation and Analysis of 16-channel data
  • Continuous/Burst Signal Bit Error Measurement
  • High Performance synthesiser with excellent accuracy
  • Multiple pattern generation capability - PRBS, Programmable, Mixed, PON and Zero Substitution with variable Mark Ratio
  • Powerful Error Analysis Function - Eye Margin, Delay, Error Performance measurement per ITU-T G.821 Rec
  • Easy to use, Intuitive GUI with Large, Color LCD
  • Excellent operability with Touch Screen, Mouse, Key pad, and Rotary Encoder