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FC2 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate

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Pattern Depth

Extra Specifications
Fiber Channel Link and BERT tester

Product Description

The ConnTech 2000 Fiber Channel Link and BERT tester that provides point to point physical layer testing of single rate Fiber Channel circuits. There are two models available; model FC1 for single rate (1.0625 Gbs) testing and model FC2 for double rate (2.125 Gbs) testing. Fiber Channel frame generation and primitive sequences can be created and transmitted onto your circuits under test. User selected data patterns from drop down menus are placed within the frame''s payload field that can be either industry standard PRBS test patterns, fixed patterns or user defined 32 bit words. All you need to do is specify the data rate, frame size, and test patterns; the tester generates the patterns and monitors the link for LOL, CRC, 8B / 10B bipolar code violations and bit errors. Unframed jitter test pattern generation ( DJ and RJ) is also supported. Existing ESCON ConnTech 2000's revisions and higher can become FC link and BERT testers with a field upgrade FC module