BT-1 - Data Comm for Business Bit Error Rate Testers

BT-1 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate

Pattern Depth

Extra Specifications
Bit Error Rate Test Set

Product Description

The DCB BT-1 bit error rate test set is designed with features found in no other test set in its price range. The size and features were determined by the need to have a number of common and not so common tests all built into a single low cost unit that is at home on a test bench or in the field.
These test functions include input and output flow control, (Xon/Xoff and hardware). Test patterns include QBF, 63, 511, 2047, alternate mark/space, all printable characters, all 256 hex values. BERT tests can be timed or continuous. A unique QBF test includes a block number, useful when trouble shooting situations where data is lost or repeated.

The polling tests can be sync or async. Each BT-1 can be the polling master or can be set to one of 16 remote addresses. The test can be polling only, or data blocks of various sizes can be sent at various rates. The user has control over the time from CTS until data is sent, the timeout, number of sync characters, re-transmit criteria and more.

Timing tests include RTS/CTS delay, character counting, echo time measurement, modem clock speed measurement, flow control response time, transition time from high to low or low to high state of control leads, high or low status of control leads.