GAO5853 - GAO Tek Bit Error Rate Testers

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Technical Specifications

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E1 BER Tester

Product Description

The GAO5853 E1 BER (Bit Error Rate) Tester is a compact multi-functional handheld E1 line test instrument, especially designed for E1 PCM line access, maintenance, check and acceptance. It provides BER testing, alarm analysis, and signaling analysis for R&D, production, and the installation and maintenance of the SDH, PDH, PCM, and DATA Protocol Converter.

  • Handheld design and easy-to-use
  • Full-featured measurementsÜfor E1, Datacom, and Protocol Converter
  • High resolution backlight LCD
  • Smart navigation mode displays
  • Extensive error and alarm generation, detection and indication
  • Histogram analysis of alarm and error events
  • Up to 99 days continuance test performance
  • Save/Recall of up to 10 user-defined setups and 10 sets of results
  • Up to 6 hours operation from a single battery charge
  • Built-in NiMH rechargeable batteries and smart charger circuit
  • Can be charged with automobile cigarette lighter battery adapter
  • Upgradable software via an integrated RS232C interface
  • Test results uploaded, conserved and printed by TestManager software
  • 120O and 75O line interfaces
  • HDB3 and AMI line codes
  • Out-of-service framed and unframed testing
  • 2Mb/s, N_64Kb/s BER testing
  • Frame data and alarm monitoring
  • Clock slip measurement
  • Frequency and level measurement
  • Clock source: Internal, Interface
  • Testing pattern: PRBS, Fix Code, 16-BIT User Word
  • Error injection: Single and Fixed Rate
  • Real-time transmit circuit open/short indication
  • Manual and auto-timer measurement
  • G.821, G.826, and M.2100 performance analysis
  • USB interface; test results uploaded, stored and printed by TestManagerPro software