BA14400B - SyntheSys Research Bit Error Rate Testers

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate
100 MHz

Pattern Depth
4 Mbits

Extra Specifications
16 Gb/s Parallel Bit Error Rate Test System

Product Description

This system operates at up to 1000 Mb/s per channel on 16 channels, and is capable of supporting variable amplitude, offset, and logic threshold for both differential and single-ended I/O. The BA14400B features adjustable delay for each channel, and direct data clocking without the need for a phase lock loop for clock distribution. This powerful testing system consists of a separate data Generator and a Detector that also includes advanced Error Analysis features to help isolate bit error problems in parallel channel applications. Features:Up to 16 Gbit/sec Aggregate Rate 16-bit Parallel InterfaceBitAlyzer Bit Error Analysis Companion to BA14400B-PG Pattern GeneratorVariable Amplitude, Offset, Termination and ThresholdDifferential and Single-Ended InputsWide Input Adjustment Range -2 V to +4 V offset Group or individual adjustment per channelAutomatic or Manual Delay and Threshold Adjustment for Each ChannelPseudo-Random and User PatternsDirect Data Clocking without PLLDiagnostic Tools Improve Multi-Channel Setup The BA14400B enables testing 16 channels in parallel. Real-time histograms describing a device or channel's digital error characteristics are provided, based upon SyntheSys Research's patented Error Analysis, which goes beyond merely counting errors to provide the operator with the tools required to find the source of errors, speeding up your development and troubleshooting.These units are loaded with features to assist you with the following types of applications:Mux/DeMux and SERDES Development and Testing Fiber Optic Transceiver Testing Semiconductor Characterization Satellite Communications Modulator and Demodulator Testing Ideal for SFI-4, SPI-4.2, and XSBI Testing