AP9945 - Yokogawa Bit Error Rate Testers

AP9945 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate
11.32 GHz

Pattern Depth

Extra Specifications
Portable BERT

Product Description

The Yokogawa AP9945 PORTABLE BERT is a compact and lightweight 10 Gbit/s portable BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester). The combination of high quality features such as an internal Signal Generator (SG)(option), Clock Data Recovery (CDR) and several variable signal output functions along with its smaller size, make this BERT useful in both a lab and field environment.

  • Compact & lightweight 
  • PPG/ED integrated design 
  • Variable source option provides bit-rates from 9.95 Gbit/s to 11.32 Gbit/s 
  • Adjust output amplitude, offset and crosspoint 
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) function included 
  • Compact and lightweight (5 kg) 
  • Low bit rate pattern generator