3505/3506 - Hioki Capacitance Meters

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Technical Specifications

Basic Accuracy

Highest Range
15 uF


Extra Specifications
C HiTester

Product Description

Through our market release of Model 3504 C HiTESTER, demand was received from manufacturers of capacitors and of automatic test equipment for capacitance measurement instruments that support smaller-value capacitances. In response, Models 3505 and 3506 were developed to inherit the high-speed testing capability for which Model 3504 gained its favorable reputation, and include the BIN function to classify measured values into ranks, with enhanced stability of measurement accuracy for small-value capacitors. Completing the features needed to easily construct automatic test systems, the 3505 and 3506 C HiTESTERs include as standard the same external I/O, RS-232C and GP-IB interfaces as Model 3504.
The 3505 and 3506 C HiTESTER are capacitance measurement instruments capable of measuring at the popular frequencies of 1 kHz, 100 kHz (Model 3505 only) and 1 MHz; as well as measuring loss coefficient D. Measurement ranges of both models are 0.000 fF to 15.0000 μF, and D values of 0.00001 to 1.9900. The lowest range is 220 fF (using 1 MHz), and repeatability accuracy when measuring ultra-small values has been greatly improve over former models. The capability to check for contact errors while measuring has been incorporated, making these models ideal for integration with automatic test equipment.
Addition of the new Model 3505 and 3506 C HiTESTER with the currently available Model 3504 extends the HIOKI line of capacitance measurement instruments to cover a very broad range of small to large values. All models are capable of measuring as quickly as once every 2 ms, which is ideal for integration with taping machines; and for sorter integration, the included BIN function can classify capacitance measurements into as many as 13 or 14 ranks.

  • High-speed measurements in as little as 2 ms (1 ms analog measurement)
  • Enhanced contact checking function
  • Comparator function
  • Simple operation just by selecting and observing LED displays
  • BIN function
  • Trigger-synchronized output function
  • Store up to 70 measurement setting conditions
  • Printer output
  • Standard equipped with EXT I/O, RS-232C and GP-IB
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) support