721 - AEMC Instruments Clamp Meters

721 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. ACA Range

Max. ACV Range

ACV, Frequency, ACA, TRMS, Distortion, Crest factor, DF

Extra Specifications
Clamp-On Harmonic Meter

Product Description

The Model 721 combines the simplicity and familiarity of digital clamp-ons with critical information on power quality and harmonics.

Operation is simple and direct, with no menus, calculations or complex analyzer procedures. Select Amps or Volts on the rotary dial, connect, and measure. The push of a button gives additional information. You can troubleshoot and measure power quality with the ease of using a digital clamp-on - simply, safely, and economically.  

  • Designed for traditional and nonlinear loads
  • Simple clamp-on operation with power quality features
  • No menus, no calculations and no analyzing
  • Accurate True RMS readings of amperes and volts
  • Direct reading of %THD, %DF, CF, and Peak
  • Recording mode for Min, Max, Avg, Max Peak
  • Works with oscilloscopes as a harmonic and current transducer
  • Rugged Lexan construction for professional daily use
  • Compact size
  • Designed to EN 61010, 600V Cat. III safety standards