382068 - Extech Clamp Meters

382068 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. ACA Range

Max. ACV Range

Continuity, ACV, DCV, Resistance, Frequency, ACA, DCA, TRMS, Power

Extra Specifications
True RMS Clamp-on Power Datalogger Kit

Product Description

  • 1000A Clamp measures 1f or 3f (phase) power to 600kW
  • Display True Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, True RMS Voltage and Current, Resistance, and Frequency
  • Dual display of kW+PF, kVA+PF, V+A, A+Hz, or V+Hz
  • Clamp jaws open to 1.8 inches (46mm)
  • Built-in recorder datalogs up to 4000 readings or download to a PC
  • 25 point data memory viewable on the LCD display
  • Full function display on large 4-digit LCD with fast 40 segment bar graph, Peak Hold, and MIN/MAX
  • RS-232 module with PC software to capture and display data
  • Complete with RS-232 module, software, cable, 9V battery, alligator clips, test leads, and carrying case