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KMW2030 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range - High

Output - Compression


Extra Specifications
AM/FM-UHF/VHF DAMA amplifier

Product Description

The AR Worldwide Model KMW2030 is an AM/FM-UHF/VHF DAMA amplifier for signals in the 30 to 512 MHz frequency range, with an optional external low-noise pre-amplifier for use in the UHF SatCom mode.
Operation of the amplifier requires only MODE and POWER LEVEL selection. The amplifier provides transmit power on the UHF SatCom, UHF Line-of-Sight and VHF LOS bands. The amplifier supports the UHF SatCom band for both Mil-Std 188-182, 5kHz and Mil-Std 188-183, 25 kHz DAMA and 188-181, Non-DAMA, with or without the optional external preamplifier, and supports both HPW and Mil-Std 181B waveforms. PIN-DIODE T/R switching ensures DAMA/HPW switching time requirements and UHF CO-SITE filtering eliminates interference from adjacent transmitters.
The amplifier is protected against antenna mismatch, over-temperature, excessive current draw, and DC power mismatch. LED indicators show output power, VSWR, temperature and input drive fault conditions. External connections are limited to RF input; RF output, DC power, and RS232 control lines.
The amplifier is self-contained, splash proof, and designed for military ground, vehicular and aircraft tactical operations. It is protected against antenna mismatch and high VSWR. The amplifier is available in matte black only. The optional external pre-amplifier is waterproof and is powered via a single RF cable.