HHM61 - Omega Clamp Meters

HHM61 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. ACA Range

Max. ACV Range

Continuity, ACV, DCV, Resistance, Temperature, ACA, Diode test

Extra Specifications
Compact DMM/AC Clamp Meter, Digital Thermometer

Product Description

The HHM61 combination DMM/ac current clamp meter/digital thermometer is a compact, lightweight, multi-function test and measurement instrument at an economical price. The HHM61 is ideal for electricians and technicians who need a portable test instrument that is both accurate and reliable. The integral ac clamp meter function makes this meter ideal for troubleshooting the operation of electric resistance heaters and other plant electrical systems.

  • Measures: Current to 400 A ac; Voltage to 750 Vac, 400 Vdc; Resistance to 400 Ohms 
  • Reads Type K Thermocouple Directly 
  • Diode Test Function 
  • Peak Hold Feature 
  • Recessed Safety Test Lead Input Jacks