ET800 - Seaward Clamp Meters

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Technical Specifications

Max. ACA Range

Max. ACV Range

Continuity, ACV, DCV, Resistance, ACA

Extra Specifications
Electrical Tester

Product Description

A slim shape design with an easy hand operated switch and button. The ET800 provides an inventive open jaw technology for measuring AC current without opening the clamp jaw. The unit automatically measures ACV, DCV, OHM and ACA by just turning on the meter. The ET800 also has an in-built test lead storage with probe holders for two pole voltage testing applications.

  • 2000 count digital display
  • AC current up to 200A
  • AC voltage up to 600V
  • DC voltage up to 600V
  • 2000 ohms resistance range
  • Continuity beeper <25 Ohms
  • Display hold
  • Auto power off
  • CAT III 600V safety standard