1641 - DL Instruments Current Amplifiers

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Technical Specifications


Gain [V/A]

Input Noise
13 fA/Hz^1/2 @ 1kHz

Extra Specifications
Current Preamplifier (Accessory Preamplifier)

Product Description

The model 1641 current preamplifier is a simple low cost wideband gain block for use with photomultipliers, photodiode detectors, and other current source type transducers. Like the Model 1211, the model 1641 is relatively heavily damped for operation with higher capacitance input devices, such as large area photodiodes. It operates with an input virtual ground to mitigate the effects of source and cabling shunt capacitance, and to prevent loading effects on non-linear transducers such as photodiodes. A three position switch allows the selection of a 100 Mohm, 1 Mohm, or 10 KOhm feedback resistor for conversion of input current to output voltage with gains of 108, 106, and 104 volts per ampere, respectively.