DLPCA-200 - FEMTO Current Amplifiers

DLPCA-200 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications


Gain [V/A]
1x10^3 to 1x10^11

Input Noise
4.3 fA/Hz^1/2

Extra Specifications
Variable-Gain Low-Noise Current Amplifier

Product Description

The Ultimate Low-Noise Current Amplifier Packed with features the DLPCA-200 Variable-Gain Amplifier is designed for a wide range of applications that require the conversion of small currents into usable voltages. It is ideally suited, for example, for DC measurements, time resolved measurements down to the µs-region and as the preamplifier for lock-in systems. The DLPCA-200 offers virtually all of the features that can be expected from a high-end current amplifier including selectable gain from 103 to 1011 V/A, switchable AC/DC-coupling, adjustable bias-voltage and offset, switchable 10 Hz lowpass filter and the capability of manual and opto-isolated remote control. All this in a rugged, compact EMI-shielded case, designed with the user in mind and built to guarantee trouble-free operation even in very rough and noisy environments. Bandwidth and Frequency Response Independent of Source Capacitance Unlike similar amplifiers available the DLPCA-200 requires no particular adaptation, such as frequency compensation for different sources. In addition, it provides maximum speed even in high gain settings. At the highest gain setting of 1011 V/A it provides a 3 dB-bandwidth of 1.2 kHz and a 300 µs rise time. For those applications not requiring the full bandwidth, the unit has a switchable 10 Hz lowpass filter to eliminate wideband noise and thus allowing accurate and ultra low-noise DC current measurements down to femtoAmperes.