3136A - Escort Digital Multimeters

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Technical Specifications

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Continuity, Diode, DCA, ACA, Frequency, TRMS, dBm

Extra Specifications
Benchtop Digital Multimeter

Product Description

The Escort 3136A is a low cost and high performance bench DMM.

  • 50,000 count display resolution with readable full scale 51,000 counts 
  • Dual digital, multi-function vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) 
  • Auto or manual ranging
  • Data hold function to freeze displayed reading
  • Refresh hold for difficult measurement environment
  • Relative calculation for zeroing offset
  • Dynamic MIN / MAX recording with elapsed time
  • Compare (Hi / Lo / Pass) function for quick in-tolerance tests
  • Percentage function to transfer measured value to proportional percentage reading 
  • External trigger for one-time measurement to get readings as you need
  • Fast electronic and closed-case calibration   
  • Standard RS-232 interface 
  • Optional GPIB interface (conform to SCPI and IEEE-488.2 standards) 
  • 19" rack mountable with rack mount kit