381265 - Extech Digital Multimeters

381265 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, DCA, ACA, Frequency, Capacitance, Period, Duty cycle, Pulse, dBm

Extra Specifications
100kHz Mini Multiscope

Product Description

Compact meter with higher graphical resolution
and adjustable trigger level

  • Oscilloscope graphical functions: Single channel, volts/division, Amps/Division, 500ns Glitch Capture
  • High sensitivity allows user to capture low level signals
  • Oscilloscope Bandwidth: DC to 100kHz with a sample rate of 1 Million Samples/sec
  • Graphical display of mV, Volts, mA, Amps
  • Oscilloscope display: 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD with adjustable trigger level and slope
  • Comparator function with user defined MIN/MAX levels allows the user to perform HIGH/LOW/PASS tests in Voltage, Current, Resistance and Capacitance modes
  • Meter functions also include Logic Signal mode for TTL and CMOS
  • LCD with bargraph and data hold
  • Record and recall MIN/MAX/AVG readings with time stamping
  • Overrange indication and auto power off
  • Store and recall 15 waveforms