VOAC7512 - Iwatsu Digital Multimeters

VOAC7512 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, TRMS, Temperature, 2/4 Wire Resistance

Extra Specifications
Digital Multimeter, Portable 5,5

Product Description

The VOAC7512 adopts IWATSU's proprietary A/D converter using the triple integration. By using the proprietary LSI and 8-bit CPU, the VOAC7512 features a full scale of 409999 and the maximum sample rate of 100 times/sec. (at 4-1/2 digits mode). Also incorporated are temperature measuring for -200C to 1600C, 4-wire ohms measurement, and 3,000 data storage capability. There's also a wide range of optional units, which contributes to increased measuring efficiency. This is an authenticated 5-1-2 digit digital multimeter, capable of extensive applications in research and development, manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance services. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full-scale 409999, Max. sample rate 100 times/s, 5-1/2 digits Max. sample rate 100 times/sec. (at 4-1/2-digit mode) DCV, ACV, ohm, DCA, ACA, C (temperature) True RMS ACV/ACA Temperature measurement from 200C to 1600C 4-wire ohms measurement Storage of 3,000 data A variety of optional units enhancing measuring efficiencyPrinter unit, GP-IB unit, BCD output, D/A converter unit, Battery unit