MS8218 - Mastech Digital Multimeters

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Technical Specifications

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Diode, DCA, ACA, Frequency, Capacitance, TRMS, Duty cycle, dBm

Extra Specifications
High Accuracy 50000 Counts DMM

Product Description

  • 50000 counts measurement
  • ACV and DCV measurements reach up to 1000V 
  • DC measurement accuracy reaches up to 0.03%
  • 0.01Ω resistance and 1µV voltage resolution 
  • Voltage/Current Linear frequency measurement 
  • Logic frequency/duty cycle measurement 
  • Capacitance measurement from 0.01nf to 5000µF 
  • AC/DC true RMS measurement/dBm measurement 
  • MAX/MIN/MAX-MIN and Relative value measurement 
  • Data hold/Back light/Auto off
  • Auto/Manual Range
  • RS-232C infrared interface and PC Windows software 
  • Software calibrates automatically 
  • Full overload protection 
  • Indication for battery low 
  • Secondary injection molding case