PXI-4060 - National Instruments Digital Multimeters

PXI-4060 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Diode, DCA, ACA, TRMS

Extra Specifications
5_-Digit Multimeter

Product Description

The National Instruments PXI-4060 is a full-featured digital multimeter. It makes accurate 5½-digit measurements of DC voltage and current, true rms AC voltage and current, and resistance (ohms). The NI PXI-4060 multimeter is ideal for use in automating production test, portable field test, and benchtop electronic test. When used with relay scanners, such as the NI PXI-2501, PXI-2503, SCXI-1127, SCXI-1128, or SCXI-1129, you can measure up to thousands of channels consisting of RTDs, thermistors, and current loops.

  • DC measurements - 20 mV to 250 VDC; 20 mA to 10 A
  • AC measurements - 20 mVrms to 250 Vrms; 20 mArms to 10 Arms; true rms, 20 Hz to 25 kHz
  • P-1 probe set, NI-DMM driver, and DMM soft front panel included
  • Overranging and autozero; calibration certificate available
  • 60 readings/s, maximum
  • Resistance measurements - 200 Ohms to 200 MOhms