SMX2055 - Signametrics Corp. Digital Multimeters

SMX2055 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Diode, DCA, ACA, TRMS, 2/4 Wire Resistance

Extra Specifications
5-1/2 Digit PXI Multimeter

Product Description

At $795, the SMX2055 is the fastest and most accurate 5-1/2 digit PXI DMM available. It is also the least expensive.

The SMX2055 is a robust full featured PXI DMM. Its price performance ratio is a breakthrough in the PXI DMM market. It feels and looks like the best of the bench-top name-brand DMMs you are used to. It runs circles around any other plug-in 5-1/2 digit DMM. It has the best set of specs, and it backs it up with Signametrics extensive experience in DMM designs.

It is simple. Signametrics has been making plug-in DMMs longer than any other supplier, and we know how to do it better and for less.

  • 115 readings/second
  • Fast range/function switch
  • Four DC & AC Volts & Current ranges
  • Six 2 & 4 Wire Resistance ranges
  • Diode V/I characteristics at five current levels
  • Self Calibrating, Autoranging
  • Single slot 3U PXI module
  • Plug-and-Play installation with graphical user interface
  • Fully programmable with Visual Basic, C++, Labview, and Linux