OS-3040D - EZ Digital Digital Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Sample Rate

Extra Specifications
Digital storage oscilloscope

Product Description

  • 40MHz, 2Ch, Dual trace, 20M sampling/sec
  • Combination of analog and digital oscilloscope performance
  • Maximum 2-channels simultaneous sampling rates of 20MS/s
  • Digitized 40MHz repetitive signal equivalent mode
  • 2 K words memory capacity per channel
  • One-touch switching real time and storage modes 
  • Pre-triggering enables observation of waveform portion before the trigger point
  • Roll mode provides continuous observation of slow waveforms
  • An averaging function provides summation averaging up to 256 times
  • Linear and sine interpolation function for optimum pulse or sinusoidal signals
  • Magnification function simplifies detailed waveform observation CRT readout for displaying set values along with measured voltage, time and frequency using the cursor function
  • Direct copy of screen display using HP-GL commands with RS-232C interface
  • Delay signal function