OS-310M - EZ Digital Digital Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Sample Rate

Extra Specifications
Digital portable oscilloscope

Product Description

  • 100MHz bandwidth, 2Ch, dual digitizers
  • Fast rise time and low overshoot
  • Repetitive random interleaved 5GS/s
  • Low drift ad internal noise reduction
  • External trigger
  • Built-in 3-3/4(4000 counts) digital multimeter with auto or manual ranging isolated from scope for safety
  • Roll mode
  • Pre-trigger up to 10 divisions
  • Bright back-light type LCD display
  • Automatic optimized panel setting and tracking according to input signal
  • Automatic measurements
  • Arithmatic function
  • RS-232C programmability and communication
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery and external AC adapter
  • Direct hardcopy through RS-232C