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DDA 5005A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Sample Rate

Extra Specifications
Disk Drive Analyzers

Product Description

Since their inception, Disk Drive Analysis (DDA) Series oscilloscopes have helped data storage design engineers improve the time to market of new products and accelerated understanding and failure analysis on existing drives. LeCroy continues that tradition with its powerful Disk Drive Analysis toolset, enabling you to capture, view, and analyze the waveshape of high-speed, complex drive signals with speed and integrity. The LeCroy X-Stream architecture integrates SiGe "digitizer on a chip" technology and a specialized high-speed streaming bus design to transfer data from the ADC to a proprietary acquisition memory. The X-Stream architecture enables disk drive engineers to quickly, easily, and accurately measure and analyze disk drive signals.

The DDA 5005A is designed for signal fidelity, whole track acquisition and analysis for read channel, media noise analysis, and head parametrics with the longest acquisition memory standard. The DDA 3000 provides the same measurement capability at a lower bandwidth. This unique product has the convenience of selectable 50 Ω or 1 MΩ inputs.

  • 3 or 5 GHz bandwidth
  • 10 GS/s sample rate/channel
  • 20 GS/s dual-channel mode
  • Up to 100 Mpts in dual-channel mode
  • 3 or 5 GHz trigger bandwidth
  • Intuitive front panel and touch screen interface
  • Zoom and Multi-Zoom on disk sectors
  • One-button access to Read Channel Emulation, Servo Analysis, and Disk Triggers
  • Head Equalization, Channel Emulation, and SAM Histograms
  • Segmented Memory for sector-by-sector parametric analysis
  • Built-in PWxx, amplitude, pulse shape, and ACSN parametric measurements
  • Customizable with MATLAB, Visual Basic, or Excel scripts
  • Flexible connectivity to networks, peripherals with 100Base-T Ethernet, and USB
  • DMOD math function option