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Integra 15 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



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Extra Specifications
Digital Oscilloscope

Product Description

The Integra 15 is specifically designed for recording high dynamic range data continuously to the internal hard disk or writer, eliminating the need for a dedicated tape or chart recorder. This provides a wide range of measurement capability by acting as three instruments in one for the price of a basic DSOTrue 12-bit performance

  • Real-time DSP analysis includes FFT, filtering, histograms, and graphing Integrated signal conditioning
  • Dual timebase for flexibility Bright full featured color display
  • Continuous recording to disk and integral thermal writer.
  • Ultra-long memories to 2 MS per channel
  • Advanced triggering system
  • One-touch hard copy to laser and color ink-jet printers
  • Windows based control, analysis and report generation software
  • Color Display