104 - BK Precision Frequency Counters

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Technical Specifications

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period

Extra Specifications
10Hz to 3GHz Deluxe Handheld Frequency Counter/Strength Meter

Product Description

  • 10 Digits LCD
  • HI-Z low range
  • Automatic hold
  • Measures frequency and period
  • LED back light
  • Beeper
  • Filter to prevent display of random noise
  • 16 Section barographs to show RF signal strength
  • 300MHz direct counter with 0.1Hz resolution
  • 4 Selectable gate speeds
  • Hold switch to lock display
  • Low battery indicators
  • Internal Rechargeable NiCd battery pack (Average 6 hour battery life)
  • AC wall charger (AC Adapter 120VAC/9VDC or 220VAC/9VDC)
  • 7 section telescopic antenna (AT-1)

Note: This unit only works with analog signals