FC-1300 - EZ Digital Frequency Counters

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Frequency Counter

Product Description

The EZ Digital FC-1300 is a RF-Frequency Counter designed for system and bench use with max 9 digits resolution, featuring RS-232C and GPIB interfaces with full remote control capability. The frequency range is from 10Hz to 3GHz(Option 3 ; 5GHz)and High speed, High resolution Measurements are possible. It is also equipped with the mesurement functions for period, peak voltage and auto trigger, auto limiting test. The model FC-1300 is suited for use in R&D sections and production line such as cellular phone, personalradios, pagers and other equipment.

  • Wide frequency range
    CH 1 : 10Hz ~220MHz
    CH 2 : 100MHz ~ 3GHz(Option 2 ; 5GHz)
  • High resolution and high speed measurement using expanding reciprocal technique 
  • Select The trigger level (Auto / Manual) 
  • Built in auto limit testing 
  • Save and recall function 
  • Interface to RS-232C, GPIB(Option 1 ; GPIB) 
  • Soft rubber key 
  • Bright, easy to view display using fluorescent display tube