CNT-91 - Pendulum Instruments Frequency Counters

CNT-91 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Time interval, Rise/Fall Time, Duty factor, Pulse width, Voltage, Burst freq.

Extra Specifications

Product Description

The world leading timer/counter analyzer just got better. The new CNT-91 extends the Pendulum CNT-90 family of instruments for measurement, analysis and calibration of Frequency, Time Interval or Phase. The CNT-91offers the highest performance ever in a universal timer/counter, and offers even faster and higher resolution measurements than the current market leader CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer.

The New CNT-91 frequency counter / timer / analyzer delivers ultrahigh resolution, fast speed and advanced measurement functions. Enhanced features include: ultrahigh 50 ps single-shot time interval resolution; 12 digits/sec frequency resolution; and internal memory storage of 3.5M measurements with exceptionally fast 250,000 measurements/sec recording speed. Via GPIB/USB bus, receive an expanded 2,600 individual measurements/second. Frequency range 300 MHz to 3, 8, 14 & 20 GHz optional.

  • High resolution: 50 ps (time), 12 digits/s (frequency)
  • The fastest measurements in the world via GPIB/USB: 2.6k/s (talker only) and 15k/s (blockmode), plus continuous measurements (stream data while you measure)
  • Unique graphic analysis of jitter, trend, and modulation
  • 250k measurements/s to internal result memory (3.5Mvalues)
  • Built-in programmable pulse output 0.5 Hz to 50 MHz
  • Measuring functions include all usual timer/counter functions plus zero-dead-time frequency/period