595A - Phase Matrix, Inc. Frequency Counters

595A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Power, Pulse width, Pulse, Pulse freq.

Extra Specifications
Pulse/CW Frequency Counter with Peak Power

Product Description

The Phase Matrix Pulse/CW Frequency Counters 595A / 598A add practical peak and CW power measurements to the capability of the 585C/588C with an optional internal delaying pulse generator for the ultimate in ease-of-use.

These models offer automatic and self contained frequency and power profiling that is ideally suited to such applications as chirped radar characterization, carrier frequency measurement, pulsed radar analysis, VCO measurements, and frequency agile system analysis over a range up to 170 GHz (depending upon models and options selected).

  • Pulse and CW Frequency Measurement to 170 GHz
  • Peak Power Measurement to 20 GHz (595A) and to 26.5 GHz (598A)
  • Built-in Pulse Profiling
  • 200 Watt (+53 dBm) Burnout Protection