6030 - Tabor Electronics Frequency Counters

6030 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Time interval, Pulse, Gate time

Extra Specifications
Universal Counter / Timer

Product Description

The Model 6030 Programmable Counter/Timer offers two independent input channels (A and B) for measuring frequencies up to 225MHz, plus a third optional input channel (C) that allows measuring frequencies up to 2.4GHz, offers outstanding frequency range and high resolution along with numerous special features and capabilities built-in to this optimal Counter/Timer. The 6030 also includes a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) time base for exceptional measurement stability, even in changing ambient conditions.

  • 2 x 225 MHz independent input channels (typically operate at 300 MHz)
  • Optional Frequency Measurements to 2.4GHz
  • Standard TCXO stability Oscillator
  • Optional high-stability Rubidium Oscillator
  • Bright 10 digits display; visible at any lighting condition
  • Advanced measurement technique for maximum resolution in frequency measurements
  • Resolves frequency resolution to 8 digits in one second of gate time
  • 1 ps Averaged time interval resolution
  • Auto-triggering, auto-attenuation for error free operation
  • Complete input conditioning on both channels, with internal 50ohms, attenuators, low-pass filters, and slope selection
  • 13 automatic measurements, including peak signal amplitude
  • 50 built-in gate time intervals plus an external input, extend gate time range from 100µS to 1000s
  • GPIB programmability; Fast reading mode gives up to 100 ASCII-formatted readings in one second
  • 10 storable front panel set-ups
  • 2.4 GHz channel option