FG-275 - Kenwood Function Generators

FG-275 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, TTL, CMOS, DC Offset, VCF

LIN/LOG Sweep, Sweep

Extra Specifications
Function Generator

Product Description

The FG-275/FG-273A are function generators which generates sine wave, triangle wave, square wave and pulse wave, etc. It covers a wide ranges of 0.5 Hz to 5
MHz for the FG-275 and 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz for the FG-273A, while the digital display enables accurate frequency settings. Furthermore, the VCF, DC offset,
sweep function and other features enable the FG-275/FG273A to be used in a wide variety of applications including analogue circuits as well as digital circuits.

  • Wide frequency range
    From an extreme low frequency up through above audible band of
    7 ranges (FG-275 0.5Hz to 5MHz, FG-273A 0.2Hz to 2MHz).
  • Various output wave forms
    In addition to sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, TTL level
    square wave and CMOS level square wave output are provided for
    the digital circuit experiment had been made possible.
  • LOG/LIN sweep function
    The logarithm and liner sweep are provided. Especially the FG-275
    has ability of an independent start and stop frequency setting.
  • Frequency Counter function
    An external counter input terminal can be measured from 1 Hz to
    10MHz signal.
  • VCF (External frequency control terminal)
    An external voltage (0 to 10V) can control the output frequency.