1200A - Krohn-Hite Function Generators

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, TTL, DC Offset


Extra Specifications
Function/Sweep Function

Product Description

The Krohn-Hite Model 1200A is an economically priced function generator that features linear, up or down frequency sweeps.

The 1200A provides sine, square and triangle waveforms from 0.2Hz to 3MHz. The frequency may be manually tuned, continuously swept up or down, or externally controlled, all over a 1500:1 range on each of the three multiplier bands. An additional fine-tune vernier provides an adjustment of ±2.5% of the frequency dial setting. Internal sweep rate is continuously adjustable from 1ms to 1000s. An external voltage of zero to ±3 volts can be used to modulate the frequency about the dial setting. A CV (control voltage) output provides a +2mV to 3V DC voltage proportional to the generator frequency.

The main output amplitude is adjustable from 5mV p-p to 20Vp-p, open circuit. Our exclusive WAVEGUARD™ output protection circuit solves the problem of blown output transistors occurring in most other unprotected generators, when a voltage is inadvertently placed across the generator’s output terminals. The WAVEGUARD™ circuit clamps the external voltage to ground and resets automatically when the external voltage is removed.

The output of the internal ramp generator is available at the front panel Ramp output connector. It consist of a +5V fixed linear ramp whose frequency is variable from 0.001Hz to 1kHz. The ramp may be used independent of the main generator output, in the non-sweep mode.

Additional features include: variable DC offset control; auxiliary TTL output with rise an fall time less than 15ns and capable of driving 10 TTL loads; separate HI and LO level output terminals, 0dB and 20dB, simultaneously controlled by the infinite resolution amplitude control; sinewave distortion typically 0.3% and frequency response better than 0.1dB.

  • Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle
  • Linear Sweep: Range, 1500:1, up or down; duration adjustable 1000s to 1ms.
  • Main Output: 20Vp-p, open circuit; simultaneous LO (–20dB) output.
  • Variable DC Offset: ±10V.
  • External Voltage Control (VC): 1500:1
  • Calibrated CV (Control Voltage) Output
  • TTL Output: 15ns rise/fall times
  • Ramp Output: +5V peak, 0.001Hz to 1kHz