8021 - Tabor Electronics Function Generators

8021 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, TTL

FM, LIN/LOG Sweep, Sweep, Pulse, Trigger, PWM

Extra Specifications
Pulse / Function Generator

Product Description

Model 8021 is a high performance pulse/function generator. It provides the basic features and functions of the Model 8020. Additional waveforms include Positive and Negative going Ramp, Pulse and Pulse complement. Pulse width and Ramp width ranges are controllable within an extremely wide range of 25.0nS to 9.99S. Its versatility ensures a broad range of applications especially where complete control over pulse or ramp parameters is required. Rapid, repeatable testing is assured by thirty non-volatile front panel set-ups, which give exact reproduction of previous tests no matter how complex. 

  • Popular output waveforms include: Sine, Triangle, Symmetrical Square, Positive and Negative Square waves, Positive and Negative going Ramps
  • Bright 4 digits display; visible in any lighting condition
  • Pulse output waveforms include: Symmetrical Pulse, Positive and Negative Pulses and Pulse complements
  • High resolution digital settings, either from the front panel or through the GPIB interface
  • Parameters are set over exceptionally wide ranges
  • Complete error detection for error-free operation
  • Output may sweep, on a linear or on a logarithmic scale
  • Built-in, independently-programmed, asynchronous trigger generator
  • Complete GPIB programmability (with option 1 installed)
  • 30 storable, non-volatile, front panel set-ups