1404A - Tegam Function Generators

1404A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, DC Offset, Sweep


Extra Specifications
Function Generator

Product Description

DESCRIPTION: The TEGAM-Pragmatic low-cost solution for basic function generator applications. This unit generates sine waves from 10mHz to 20MHz and allows linear and log sweeps in either direction. Both continuous and trigger modes are available for more flexibility. Equipped for complex modulation testing, an external port allows direct digital control. Amplitude (I and Q) phase, and frequency are programmable to 32 bit resolution.

FEATURES: Sine Waves from 10mHz to 20MHz, linear and log sweeps, AM, FM, FSK and more, external modulation port, DDS technology, RS232 and GPIB included, 1 year warranty. OPTIONS: single rack mount kit - center (PN# 080591), single rack mount kit - left (PN# 080590L), single rack mount kit - right (PN# 080590R), dual rack mount kit (PN# 080600)