72-7210 - Tenma Function Generators

72-7210 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, DC Offset, Sweep


Extra Specifications
Function Generator/counter

Product Description

The exceptional accuracy, as well as the portability and stackable design of the Tenma 72-7210 function generator with frequency counter make this instrument ideal for electronic engineers, communication technicians, schools, and laboratories.

  • Provides 0.01 Hz~5 MHz output in eight steps
  • Built in 50 MHz frequency counter with four digit display
  • Sine, triangle, square, DC and sync output
  • Frequency, symmetry, linear sweep, DC offset and amplitude function
  • 10 MHz crystal time base with ±10 PPM accuracy
  • Output attenuator: 20dB
  • Linear sweep mode
  • Includes owners manual and detachable IEC type power cord