TG4001 - TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments Function Generators

TG4001 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary, Pulse, DC Offset, Sin(x)/x

Sweep, Burst, Gated, Trigger, FSK

Extra Specifications
40 MHz DDS Function Generator with Arbitrary

Product Description

40MHz sinewaves from a low cost DDS generator:
The TG4001 provides high purity sine waves at up to 40MHz and square waves
at up to 50MHz. The output amplifier has a bandwidth approaching 100MHz ensuring that waveform quality is excellent right up to the frequency limits.
Amplitude flatness is better than ±0.2dB to 1MHz and ±0.4db to 40MHz.
Low noise design ensures minimum waveform aberations and provides high waveform quality even at minimum output amplitude.

A full suite of tools:
Powerful mathematical functions are combined with on-screen drawing tools and clipboard functions to enable virtually any waveform to be created either from scratch, or from the editing of existing waveforms.
Waveforms can be built in any number of sections using any combination of the following: Standard waveforms, mathematical expressions, drawn waveforms,
uploaded waveforms, imported waveforms (using clipboard), existing stored
Waveforms can be viewed with variable zoom and printed with annotation.
Waveform management tools include Projects and Libraries for professional

  • 40MHz D.D.S. function generator with arbitrary capability
  • 0.1mHz to 40MHz (50MHz square) range, 10 digit resolution
  • Direct Digital Synthesis: stability, resolution, sine purity
  • Eight standard waveforms, plus complex waveforms, true arbitrary waveforms and noise
  • Arbitrary waveforms at up to 100MS/s
  • Powerful modulation modes including Sweep, AM, Gating, Trigger/Burst, FSK and Hop
  • Variable symmetry, variable start/stop phase
  • Programmable via RS-232 and USB interfaces
  • Optional GPIB interface