1855 - QuadTech Leakage Current Testers

1855 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

MAX. DUT Voltage

Min. DUT Voltage

Extra Specifications
Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter (CE Mark)

Product Description

 The 1855 instrument measures and displays the undesirable flow of current through a capacitor over any surface of insulation.

  • Leakage Current Measurements for 1nA to 20mA 
  • Insulation Resistance Measurements from 10Ω to 99GΩ 
  • Breakdown Testing of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors per EIAJ RC-2364A 
  • Basic Measurement Accuracy, 0.3% Leakage Current, 0.6% IR 
  • Programmable Test Voltage from 1 to 650VDC 
  • High Charge Current from 0.5mA to 500mA 
  • LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results 
  • RS-232 Interface Standard, PLC and IEEE-488 Optional 
  • Comparator Functions with Programmable Pass/Fail Limits 
  • Front Panel Lockout Prevents Unwanted Alterations to the Setup 
  • Powerful Discharge Circuit for Large Capacitors 
  • Monitors and Displays Voltage to the Device Under Test 
  • Programmable Charge, Dwell, and Averaging Times