228 - Simpson Leakage Current Testers

228 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

MAX. DUT Voltage

Min. DUT Voltage

Extra Specifications
AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

Product Description

Test for dangerous leakage current with the Simpson Model 228, designed to meet the latest UL, IEC, and ANSI specifications. The 228 detects both AC and DC leakage current and simulates human response at three different levels -- reaction, let-go, and burn hazard. Each Model 228 comes with test leads with alligator clips, manual, and batteries. Detects dangerous AC & DC leakage current present on the conductive surfaces of electrical or electronic equipment Designed to meet new IEC, ANSI, and UL guidelines Reaction, Let-Go and Unweighted Burn Hazard network measurements Battery-powered for maximum portability