8455 - Simpson Leakage Current Testers

8455 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

MAX. DUT Voltage

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Extra Specifications
Line Loop Tester

Product Description

Simpson’s Model 8455 Line Loop tester detects line shorts, opens and multiple ringers, DC voltages and loop resistance. It has the capability to measure DC voltage up to 100 volts and loop resistance to 2 megohms. A front panel “reverse polarity” switch is featured allowing you to change polarity positions quicker and easier than manually switching test leads when making line checks. This switch is also field replaceable thereby enabling your loop tester to be operational at all times without costly shop repairs. The compact durable construction of the tester ensures continued accuracy even under the most rugged field conditions. Designed for Telecom Applications Wide Measuring Range - Measures DC voltage 0-100V and resistance R x 1, R ÷ 10. Shorter Testing Time - Polarity toggle switch eliminates manually switching test leads when conducting line checks. Rugged for Field Use