225 - Bentham Lock-in Amplifiers

225 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Dynamic Reserve
20dB to 80dB depending on sensitivity setting

Min. Time Constant
10 msec

Max. Time Constant
10 msec

Extra Specifications
Lock-in amplifier for use in chopped light systems

Product Description

The 225 is a GP-IB programmable lock-in amplifier designed with optical measurements in mind. It features dual inputs, making spectral scanning systems with more than one detector a reality, and square wave demodulation to give the best possible signal-to-noise ratio with the signals normally encountered in chopped light systems. The high impedance input is ideal for connection to photoconductors, including lead sulphide and lead selenide, or to the output of our pyroelectric detector head. Features: Two remotely selectable inputs for automatic detector changeover in spectral scanning systems. Square wave response gives best signal-to-noise ratio in optically chopped systems. Modular input amplifiers to cover all existing optical detectors. Integrating A to D output allows digital signal averaging in place of conventional RC time constant. All functions programmable via GP-IB.